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Glastender Underbar Stainless Steel
Glastender Underbar
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Best - Glastender Underbar

The Glastender main line of underbar exceeds Perlick specifications with the same core features as the Choice line:

  • All stainless steel fabrication
  • One-piece seamless top and backsplash (excludes corners)
  • A generous 14″ underbar skirt
  • Welded construction with bolt-on legs
  • Integral, welded backsplash stiffeners

Glastender underbar also includes additional product-specific features designed to enhance your efficiency, ease your maintenance, and prolong the life of your investment.

With the Glastender main line of underbar, each order is pre-assembled into shippable sections of up to 8 feet long for easy installation. Our incredible variety of products as well as our ability to make custom pieces means you will be sure to get the perfect layout for your needs.

Better - the Choice line is still better than our competition, but costs approximately 15% less than our main line.

Choice Line Up
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