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Our most current product specification sheets (spec sheets) may be downloaded by following the links below. To view and/or print an entire set of spec sheets in a catagory, click on the All (Product) Spec Sheets link found in each section. All (Product) Spec Sheets include an index and have been configured to print 2-sided.

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Cocktail Stations
Underbar Stainless Steel

· All Underbar Specs including MBD
· Ice Bins
· Pass-Thru Ice Bins
· Bottle Wells and Bottle Racks
· Combo Ice Bins
· Blender Stations
· Drainboard Blender Stations
· In-Counter Blender Stations
· Island Oasis Stand
· Drainboards and Fillerboards
· Recessed Drainboards
· Corner Drainboards Dimensional Models
· Corner Drainboards 90° Models
· Corner Drainboards <90° Models
· Glassracks
· Drainboard Glassracks
· Drainboard Cabinets
· Drainboard Half Cabinets
· Drainboard Drawer Units
· Add-On Cabinet Base

· Single Bowl Sinks
· Wet Waste Sink Cabinets
· 2, 3, and 4 Compartment Sinks
· Liquor Displays
· Slanted Liquor Displays
· Dry Waste Chutes
· Dry Waste Rail
· Soda Gun Holders
· Tubing Chase
· Ice Cream Freezer - Underbar
     See also: Drop-In and Mobile
· Beer Drainers
· Speed Rails and Locking Covers
· Clip-On Speed Rails
· All-In-One Stations
· Modular Bar Die
· Large Wet Waste Strainer
· Wait Stations
· Drink Rails

· Drop-In Drain Pans
· POS Cabinets
· Casino Style Combo Ice Bin
· Undercounter Mount Rinser Faucet
· Portable Bar For Stackable Cups
· Portable Bar For Glassware
· Portable Bar For Stackable Cups
   With Space For Refrigerator

· Portable Bar For Glassware
   With Space For Refrigerator

· Backsplash Mount Faucet
· Deck Mount Faucet
· Soda Manifold Housings
· Mixology Units
· Mixology Stations
· Drop-In Drink Rails
· Drop-In Mixology Wells
· Drop-In Mixology Drink Rails
· Drop-In Rinser Faucets

Choice Underbar Stainless Steel
Modular Bar Die
· Modular Bar Die    Note: MBD spec sheet is included in All Underbar Spec Sheets
Underbar & Back Bar Coolers

· All Underbar & Back Bar Cooler Spec Sheets including Slide Top Coolers and Mug Frosters

Back Bar Coolers
· BB24 1-Door Self-contained
· BB24 1-Door Remote
· BB36, BB60, BB84 and BB108 1, 2, 3,
   and 4-Door Self-contained

· BB60, BB84 and BB108 Two Zone 2, 3,
   and 4-Door Self-contained

· BB48, BB72 and BB96 2, 3, and
   4-Door Remote

Narrow Door Coolers
· ND32, ND52, ND72, and ND92 1, 2, 3,
   and 4-Door Self-contained

· ND52, ND72, and ND92 Two Zone 2, 3,
   and 4-Door Self-contained

· ND40, ND60, and ND80 2, 3, and
   4-Door Remote

Low Profile Coolers
· LP24 1-Door Remote
· LP48, LP72, and LP96 2, 3, and
   4-Door Remote

· LP36, LP60, LP84, and LP108 2, 3,
   and 4-Door Self-contained

Pass-Thru Coolers
· PT24 2-Door Remote
· PT48 and PT72 4 and 6-Door Remote
· PT36, PT60 and PT84 2, 4, and 6-Door

Low Profile Narrow Door Coolers
· LN32, LN52, LN72, and LN92 1, 2, 3,
  and 4-Door Self-contained

· LN40, LN60, and LN80 2, 3, and
  4-Door Remote

Narrow Door Shallow Depth Coolers
· NS40, NS60, and NS80 2, 3, and
  4-Door Remote

Narrow Door Pass-Thru Coolers
· NP32, NP52, and NP72 2, 4, and
  6-Door Self-contained

· NP40 and NP60 4 and 6-Door

Low Profile Pass-Thru Coolers
· LPT36, LPT60, and LPT84 2, 4, and
  6-Door Self-Contained

· LPT24 2-Door Remote
· LPT48 and LPT72 4 and 6-Door Remote

Low Profile Narrow Door
Pass-Thru Coolers

·LNP32, LNP52, and LNP72 2, 4, and
  6-Door Self-contained

· LNP40 and LNP60 4 and
  6-Door Remote

Keg Coolers
· KC24 1-Keg Self-contained
· KC60, KC72, and KC84 2, 3,
   and 4-Keg Self-contained

Backbar Storage Units
· Back Bar Glass Storage Units
· Back Bar Liquor Display


Front Venting Coolers
· FV24 and FV48 1and 2-Door

Mug Frosters
· MFV24 and MFV48 Reach-In Mug Froster

Related Products and Accessories
· LPDS24 Low Profile Dry Storage Cabinet
· DS24, DS48, & DS72 Dry Storage

· IDU Ice Display Units
· GDU Glass Ice Display Units
· Lighted Liquor Displays -
   LLD, LLDS, and LLD3

· CS18 Condensing Unit Storage Cabinet
· Margartia Machine Stands

Underbar and Back Bar Cooler Details
· Laminated Cooler Door Details
· Laminated Compressor Compartment

· Wood Panel Cooler Door Details
· Wood Compressor Compartment Cover

Slide Top Coolers

· Slide Top Coolers


Note: Slide Top Cooler spec sheet is included in: All Underbar & Back Bar Cooler Spec Sheets

Mug Frosters
Beer Dispensing Systems
Food Service
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