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Glastender offers two styles of Mug Frosters - a traditional slide top as well as a reach-in vertical door model. Both models have all stainless steel interior construction with radius corners for easy cleaning and high capacity refrigeration systems with an operating range of 0°F to 35°F. Thermostat can be set for either frosted or chilled glassware.

Features specific to slide top mug frosters:

  • Exclusive one-piece top creates an incredibly sturdy cabinet that will not allow the mullion to cave in, nor the doors to sag and bind
  • Logical cabinet lengths and depth, along with the smooth, flush sides, allow these units to mate up well with Glastender underbar equipment
  • Optional shelves are split for easy rotation of glassware
  • High capacity refrigeration system with manual and automatic defrost timers

Slide Top Mug Frosters are available in 24", 36", and 48" long cabinets. The exterior finish is black vinyl-clad steel, stainless steel front and sides, or all stainless steel.


Features specific to reach-in mug frosters:

  • Completely front venting - can be built into a back bar or used as a free standing unit
  • Bottom rack and two adjustable shelves per door for up to three full rows of glass storage
  • Digital thermostat control with automatic defrost is easily visible
  • Includes LED interior lights with on/off switch
  • Seven different door styles to choose from
Reach-In Mug Frosters are available in a 24" one door model and a 48" two door model.

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