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To protect its delicate flavors and characteristics, draft wine should only be dispensed from stainless steel faucets. This is why type 304 stainless steel faucets have been standard on Glastender tee and column towers since 2002.

Draft wine dispensing from a keg is similar to draft beer dispensing, except that wine cannot come into contact with the chrome plated brass hardware that some manufacturers use for their dispensing faucets. Glastender manufactured beer towers come standard with 304 series stainless steel faucets and shanks, ensuring proper handling of wine.

Glastender back bar coolers can be easily configured with special operating temperatures for wine dispensing. In addition, Glastender two zone coolers, which have two different operating temperatures within one refrigerator, can also be configured for wine dispensing.

Please see the Draft Wine Accessories page of our product directory or consult with our inside sales staff at info@glastender.com.

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